The art of tattooing

Although tattoos are miles of years old, it is clear that they are a growing phenomenon today and, in short, they are such a trend. That is why more and more people decide to decorate their skin with ink, either for aesthetics or for the special meaning that they give to some drawings and words.

More than a profession, the art of tattooing actually helps people share their concerns, desires, and particular tastes with the rest of the world… However, in order to enjoy this kind of art, it is essential to visit a high quality studio and to apply non-toxic beauty products during the healing process.

Tattoo styles

If you are thinking of tattooing your skin, perhaps this small collection of the most widespread types of tattoo can help you:

  1. Tribal

It is the oldest style of all, since ancient civilizations such as the Maya or the Egyptians already made use of them to decorate their skin. These geometric shapes, usually black, are full of meaning and require great skills and precision from the artist.

  1. Realistic

As the name implies, these tattoos are very similar to real images, and may even look like paintings or, in the best cases, photographs of people, landscapes, or pets… They are, without a doubt, within the most difficult and expensive types of tattoo, but they look the most spectacular.

  1. Old school

It is one of the most traditional tattoo styles, basically because it uses classic motifs such as hearts, snakes, lions, swords, letters, or anchors… Above all, it reminds of the military or sailor style from the middle of the last century.

  1. Graffiti

In contrast to Old School tattoos, there is a type of drawing that is reminiscent of graffiti art, using a wide range of colours, shapes and contours, characterized by a style that reminds of hip-hop.

  1. Watercolor

These tattoos try to resemble classical paintings. Their artistic style is reminiscent of watercolor. Stripes and colour shapes, splashes, glitters, and other techniques are very common and help bring a dynamic look to the drawing.

  1. Gothic

This style is characterized by dark colours, mainly black, and gloomy drawings reminiscent of the underground subculture. In general, they try to convey feelings of darkness, sadness, anger or desolation, that is why skulls and other different gloomy drawings are the most common thing.

  1. Symbols and writings

Many people who are about to get tattooed for the first time usually choose simple words or phrases which have a powerful meaning for them, as well as symbols, as these tend to be small figures with a discrete appearance and are filled with a lot of meaning. For instance, we can find arrows, glyphs, Roman numerals, hearts, silhouettes, and so on.

Tips and recommendations

It is essential to go to a tattoo studio that meets the legal hygiene requirements and, of course, to follow a cleaning routine at home during the following weeks. For them, it is advisable to apply non-toxic beauty products during the healing process. The area should also be cleaned using water and soap, at least twice a day. In addition, public swimming pools or the beach should be avoided at all costs until the tattoo has healed, and tight clothing over the tattoo should also be avoided.