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Tattoo Symbols







Symbols are a popular element in the world of tattoos. If what you are looking for for your new tattoo is a simple design that is at once elegant and full of meaning, we recommend that you take this type of motif into account. There are many different symbols to choose from and these are elements that you can capture on virtually any part of your body. If you still haven’t found the perfect symbol for your new tattoo we suggest you take a look at our photo gallery to see real examples and the best designs on the Internet.

Symbols for tattoos and their meaning

When it comes to getting a tattoo there are many options we can count on to choose the design. But if you’re looking for something simple that conveys your ideas and thoughts, symbols are the perfect element for you. Since there is a wide variety, it will be really easy to find one that you feel identified with and that you think is the right one to shape on your skin. Below we talk about the most popular ones and their meaning so that you have all the information you need.

One of the most famous symbols in the world of tattoos, both among users and among expert tattooers, is the Om. This element belonging to the Buddhist and Hindu religions is one of the most sacred mantras. Its aesthetics make it chosen by many as the perfect design for a tattoo and its spirituality and symbolism make it an ideal element to capture on your skin. Om is a sacred symbol in Yoga and represents the union between the earthly and the divine, between the spiritual and the carnal.

Another of the symbols that you have to take into account if you are looking for one to get a tattoo is the Zen circle or Enso. As with Om, this is a symbol with a deep spiritual charge very chosen by lovers of tattoos. It has its origin in Japanese culture and represents aspects such as emptiness, elegance and strength. The circle is the symbol of perfection. And the circular stroke also represents the cycle of life, the process we all go through from birth to inevitable death.  The fact that it is empty inside transmits the need for emptiness in order to understand the universe and nature.

The incomplete delta is another symbol that has conquered many tattoo lovers. And the motifs are simple: it is very aesthetic and elegant, looks good on any part of the body and has a deep meaning. This symbol represents change. As the triangle is not closed, it symbolizes openness to change and the constant movement of life.

There are also many other popular symbols used in tattoos. Hearts, for example, are very chosen because they are a clear representation of love and passion. The sun is also another element that triumphs in addition to its aesthetic beauty for its meaning. This design can symbolize different aspects such as life, reincarnation or universality.

If you want to see more examples of symbols in tattoos take a look at our image gallery where you will find the best collection of photos and real examples from the Internet. Take ideas from those you like best and decide which tattoo is perfect for you.

The symbology of tattoos

Symbology is something that, believe it or not, is present in each and every tattoo. Every tattoo expresses something and has a meaning for the person who made it. But in addition to the proper sense that each one gives to his tattoo, there will be another meaning that comes from the design. The tattoo of a dragon does not symbolize the same as that of a flower. They all express something different, something original.

In this sense, tattooing a symbol is a very wise decision because that meaning will be much deeper and more enigmatic. So if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo but want to avoid a superficial design that says nothing, we recommend you take a look at our collection of symbol tattoo photos. Navigate through the images and find out which ones you like the most and what meaning each one hides. They look good on any part of the body and are elegant, simple and aesthetic.